Saturday, April 22, 2006

Book review!

Review by: Haley, 7th grade. Review of the book "Defiance" by Vallary Hobbs.
******SIX STARS! "Toby is normal, I guess. Besides the fact that he has cancer. On vacation with his mom, his dad is only able to see him on weekends. Toby is away for three weeks at the cabin "resort". Hes sly, so he leaves early and goes for a bike ride. He comes across a cow. Later, he finds out the cows name is Blossom, but right now, all he knows is this cow is SKINNY! So, with his courage, he travels down a dirt road to a broken down home. A gunfire...why a gunfire???Toby runs, but returns the next day with Cheerios for the friendly cow, and trys it again with the home this time. Someone answers...I read this book in one sitting. Its a gripping, emotional, and very heartaching! 6 stars. %110 amazing!"

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