Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Book Review by Haley

*****Five stars
"Four things my geeky-jock-of-a-best-friend must do in Europe"

"Brady is Jewish, is a teenage girl living in Washington D.C., USA. Her mom takes her to Europe instead of doing a bar mitzvah. They go to many different places. On the cruise ship there are teen parties every night. There is love, embarrassment, humility, and tons of fun!! I couldn't put this book down plus its written in letters from Brady to her best friend. Bradys best friend wrote four things that Brady has to do in Europe. Thus, the humiliation. You'll know what I mean. Read the book. If you're like me, you'll be walking down the hallways at school bumping into people...because you can't put this book

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kirsty said...

Its a good bok! Im doin my bok report on this!But im havin som trouble tho