Monday, August 25, 2008

TSRP is over :(

Well the Teen Summer Reading Program is over for another summer. I hope everyone that took part had a great time. The finale auction was on Friday, August 22nd, and participants bid on great prizes from local businesses that donated; Ace Hardware, Alec’s by the Sea, Beach Treasures Gifts & Coffee, Box Office Rentals, The Book Hut, Dugan’s Pizza, Gallery Marjuli, Jully Rodgers Toys & Gifts, Lucky Dragon, McDonald’s, Monica’s, Ocean Shores Cinemas, Ocean Shores IGA, Pacific Paradise Family Fun Center, Shores Bowl, Subway, Taco & Espresso D’Light, Tsunami Beads. We had 45 of you sign up for the TSRP and you read 115 books totaling 36,663 pages. 51 teens attended the three programs. I hope you will all sign up again next summer, it will be even better!

Book review!

Try taking three totally different girls, from very different scenarios who hardly have anything at all in common...and cramming them together. Alice, Molly and Reena have but three things in common with each other; Being 15 years old, having a nack for hating their evil stepmothers, and having to attend Putnam Mount McKinsey, a seemingly post boarding school that lays along a scenic route against the mountains, thats not even the start of it.

Finding out how these girls end up here is in your hands. Revenge, hate, and a taste of first romance, and finding out the meaning of forgiveness and friendship all lay in the words of "Poison Apples" written by Lily Archer. The moral? No one on this planet seem to be what they really are, and first impressions realistically don't matter. A great novel with good viewpoints from each girl that deserves to be read. Maybe you should take a taste of Lily Archers, "Poison Apples!"

Review by Haley Zentner

Grade 10