Friday, July 11, 2008

New Books!

Your library has got the nominees for Young Adult Library Services Association 2008 Teen's Top Ten books of the year...there are some great titles on this list so check them out!
Before I Die. Jenny Downham.
Tessa, who has terminal cancer, creates a list of ten things she wants to do in
the months she has left to live. This fierce and devastating novel explores end-oflife
realities with honesty and grace.

Daemon Hall. Andrew Nance and Colin Polhemus, illus.
One night, five contestants: scariest night ever! Five writers think they are
getting the chance to publish their stories. What they don't know is that this
seemingly friendly competition could lead to their worst nightmares coming true
and haunting them forever. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Jeff Kinney.
Greg Heffley knows he’s not popular, but he tries hard to fit in. He records his
observations about life in middle school in his journal (NOT a diary, he says)
along with frequent drawings. Realistic and laugh out loud funny!

Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer.
In the third installment of "The Twilight Saga," Bella continues her struggle in
determining what life direction to take and with whom. She is pulled romantically
in one direction by vampire Edward and in the other direction toward her long
time friend Jake who is a werewolf. Decisions must be made as Bella prepares to
graduate from high school and move forward in her life as an immortal. Tension
is high and charged with emotion as Bella grapples with choices that will result in
decisions that will affect her into eternity.Extras. Scott Westerfeld.
A few years after Tally Youngblood brought down her highly ordered society of
Uglies, Pretties, and Specials, popularity reigns supreme. Everyone is doing all
they can to get the most buzz. In the midst of the chaos, Aya Fuse is ok with
being unknown. But then she meets a secretive clique, and she wants to show
the world how cool they are, but doing so would put her in the spotlight – a
dangerous place she might not be ready for.

Jinx. Meg Cabot.
Unlucky Jinx hopes that moving in with her aunt and uncle in New York will help
her escape the bad luck that caused her so much trouble in her hometown. But it
isn’t to be. Her bad luck is actually a curse, and avoiding magic doesn’t seem to
help. Jinx’s glamorous cousin Tory and her coven of Uptown witches feel
threatened by Jinx’s gift. Jinx must learn to control her power to turn the curse to
her advantage and stop Tory before she causes too much damage.

The Luxe. Anna Godberson.
Gossip Girl meets Age of Innocence in this lushly-detailed period piece. Four
teenage girls weave a web of catty gossip, lies, backstabbing and secrets in late
nineteenth-century Manhattan. This tangled web includes not one but two sets of
star-crossed lovers; an upstairs/downstairs romance; a scheming social climber;
a bitter servant girl; and oodles of money, all set in a Edith Wharton via
Hollywood vision of Old New York.
Wildwood Dancing. Juliet Marillier.
Jenica and her four sisters have a delightful secret: they can enter into a fairy
world of dancing, light, and music. When their father is called away on business,
however, all of that is threatened when the dreaded cousin Cesar movies into the
house.Unwind. Neal Shusterman.
In the future, being a troubled teen means something worse than being sent to a
boot camp to get straightened out. Abortion is illegal, but when a child is between
the ages of thirteen and eighteen, a parent may choose to retroactively "abort"
the child through "unwinding," in which their body parts are harvested for use by
other people. Connor, Risa and Lev, who are all scheduled to be unwound, are
literally running for their lives: if they can evade capture and survive until the age
of 18, they will be spared a terrible fate.

Wicked Lovely. Melissa Marr.
Everything would have been okay for Aislinn – her relationship with Seth, her
normal life – except for the fairies noticing that she was one of the few humans
with “the Sight.” She begins to be “tracked” by fairies that have noticed her
unwanted gift of seeing the normally invisible fairies. Now Keenan, the fairie
Summer King, believes Aislinn is the bride he has been seeking for nine
centuries…and he won’t take no for an answer because summer itself might die.

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