Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Books!

"Dramarama" by E. Lockhart
"Sadye and Demi are two teenagers who are tired of their non-razzle-dazzle lives in Brenton, Ohio and decide to apply to the Wildewood Academy for the Performing Arts Summer Institute, run by a well-known Broadway director. Both are fans of Broadway musicals and Liza Minelli, whom they both adore. Their summer is one of friendship, jealousy, and new love. From "Cats" to "Guys and Dolls," this book tells all of the ups and downs of their summer, their new relationships, and just how hard the kids must work to be the actors they want to become in order to leave boring old Ohio behind them once and for all. "
"The Off Season" by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

"Where fantasy and video games meet, there is Epic. In a society where violence is banned, people must settle their disputes in Epic, at the same time that they are trying to stay alive in order to accumulate wealth and status in both the game world and in reality. Impulsively, Erik creates his new Epic character to be female, and spends all his allocated start-up funds on beauty and attitude for Cindella rather than weapons, but something tells him that this is the way to go. She and his friends' characters use a succession of unusual methods to save Erik's father from exile and to challenge Central Allocations, the representatives who run the game, and thus, the society. " "Beauty shop for rent" by Laura Bowers

"Abbey Garner, 15, has learned a lot from her hardworking great-grandmother, with whom she lives in rural Maryland. They run a beauty shop together, but Granny Po would like to retire and rent it out for profit. Abbey has mixed feelings when Gena arrives in town and arranges to turn Polly's Parlor into a successful day spa, but her ambivalence is quickly overcome when she reaps the benefits of learning about marketing, design, and finances from the newcomer while earning an increased salary. " "Camp Creepy time" by Gina Geshon.

"Einstein P. Fleet is shipped off to summer camp against his will for a summer of fun and fresh air. Stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the eccentric boy soon discovers that the haunt is little more than an alien-run smuggling operation run by the counselors who are turning his fellow campers into monsters, with plans of selling them to an intergalactic zoo. Unable to convince anyone of the dire situation, it's up to Einstein to save the others and himself in the process.

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