Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Books

"Superhero explosion: 60 easy lessons for drawing comics" by Neal Yamamoto

Creating killer comics packed with amazing heroes and vile villains has never been easier. Just follow the step-by-step demos and in a flash you'll go from drawing basic heads, figures and costumes to capturing all the explosive powers, punches, and places of comic-book realms.

"You can draw Marvel characters" by Dan Jurgens

The complete guide to drawing Marvel Comics award-winning heroes and villains. With this book ou can master the essential comic-book arts of penciling, inking and coloring. Develop your drawing skills using new artworks, trace overlays, foldout pages, and stencils. Learn to draw vehicles, clothing, and equipment to enhance your figures. Get exciting tips on how to make your own comic.

"Chew on this: everything you don't want to know about fast food" by Eric Scholsser

In this book the author and Charles Wilson upwrap the fast-food industry to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the business that both feeds and feeds off the young. Some of the cool and scary facts you'll learn include:
*Meet the fifteen-year-old wh invented the hamburger
*See how French fries are often shot through a
supowered gun--and what makes them taste so good
*Explore the six weeks that a fast-food chicken lives
before it becomes a chicken nugget
*Examine a table of healthy and unhealthy human
body parts--and see what happens inside your body
when you eat too much junk

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