Saturday, August 05, 2006

Teen Summer Reading Update

I wanted to remind everyone that has signed up for 'Creature Feature' the deadline for reading your three books is August 24th. So far, nine people have read the required three books and got a bracelet or dogtag necklace. Remember, there are lots of awesome prizes you could win so...start reading! Here are some reviews that were submitted by participants:

Name: Savannah
Title: "The year of secret assignments" by Jaclyn Moriarty
Review: "It was really good and has many exciting twists and turns
Rating: 4 paw prints

Name: Elizabeth
Title: "Beware Princess Elizabeth" by Carolyn Meyer
Review: "Princess Elizabeth is enemy's with her sister Mary until Queen Mary dies and Elizabeth becomes queen."
Rating: 4 paw prints

Name: Haley
Title: "Hoot" by Carl Hiassen
Review: "Ray's just on his way to school when he sees a strange boy running barefoot down the street. He follows him and gets dragged into a major issue for saving little owls. He is tormented by bullies and even wins the heart of one. Can the owls be saved?"
Rating: 4 paw prints

Name: Brittany
Title: "Chasing redbird" by Sharon Creech
Review:"Zinny finds a trail that is 20 miles long. Clearing the trail will lead to the mysterious disappearing items of her aunts & cousins. A sad book.
Rating: 4 paw prints

Name: Jasmin
Title: "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer
Review: "A girl moves to a new town to live with her father and ends up falling in love with a vampire"
Rating: 4 Paw prints (couldn't put it down!)

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